Ringneck Pheasants

The pheasants are raised in a state-of-the-art facility. It contains twelve 36′ x 50′ indoor brood chambers, each with it’s own 50′ x 400′ outside flight pen. Each of the eight pens contain 3,000 pheasants for a total close to 75,000 raised each year. We start putting in day old chicks in early May and space out the groups about 3-4 weeks apart until August. Raising the pheasants in the outside facility maximizes feather quality (beautiful long tails), weather conditioning, and excellent flight capabilities. We do sell started pheasants, 10 weeks old and up, from August through October. No started pheasants will be sold after October, only mature birds (16 weeks old and up).


September $13.50
October $14.00
November $14.60
December $15.20
January $15.95
February $16.50
March $17.50
after March 15 $18.50
  • Contracts are available to those who need a guaranteed amount of birds at a guaranteed price for the whole season.
  • Prices do not reflect delivery fees
  • Prices subject to change without notification
  • There is a 10 bird minimum on mature bird orders.