Chukar Partridge

The chukars are raised in specially designed houses in which 12′ x 24′ pens have been constructed. This design reduces the number of birds raised together which in turn helps to reduce pile ups due to fright. Chukars are very hardy, strong flying birds about 3 times the size of quail. They are very good about staying in place until flushed. Raising more than 20,000 per year, we start putting in day old chicks in May and space different groups out about 3 weeks until August. Chukars are considered mature at 16 weeks old. We do sell eggs, chicks, and started chukars  (10 weeks old and up) from August through October. No started chukars will be sold after October, only mature birds.

  • Contracts are available to those who need a guaranteed amount of birds at a guaranteed price for the whole season.
  • Prices do not reflect delivery fees
  • Prices subject to change without notification
  • There is a 20 bird minimum on mature bird orders.
Chukar Eggs
1,000 min 75¢ each
1,001 – 3,000 65¢ each
3,001 & up 50¢ each


Chukar Chicks
1,000 min $1.40 each
1,001 – 3,000 $1.25 each
3,001 & up $1.10 each


Mature Chukars (17 weeks old and up)
Sep – Dec $10 each
Jan – Mar $11 each