I started raising gamebirds in 1989 with 2,500 quail. The number of quail raised doubled each year for about 4 years after that. Pheasants, chukars and mallards were added, a few at the time, in the years to follow. Now, DeWitt’s Game Farm hatches over a million quail and chukars each year. Dewitt’s Game Farm raises and sells over 300,000 mature quail, over 25,000 mature chukars, around 60,000 mature pheasants and around 30,000 started/mature mallard ducks each year. We truck deliver over 90% of the mature birds sold, however, we do welcome pick up orders.

We pride ourselves in providing top quality, flight and weather conditioned birds for all your sporting needs. Fast, Friendly Truck Delivery. Guaranteed Live Delivery.

I look forward to working with you,

Chris DeWitt

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DeWitt’s Game Farm, LLC, 443 Jimmy Carriker Rd., Ellerbe, NC 28338

DeWitt’s Game Farm, LLC,

443 Jimmy Carriker Rd.,

Ellerbe, NC 28338