Bobwhite Quail

The Bobwhite quail are raised in 40′ x 300′ black-out houses, with a pine shaving base. DGF believes that raising quail in dark houses reduces cannibalism, produces a more explosive wild-flying bird, and prompts them to hide in good cover. Raising over 250,000 quail per season, we start putting in our chicks in the middle of May and put in several flocks 1-2 weeks apart until the end of September. Quail are considered mature at about 16-18 weeks old and up. We do sell eggs, chicks and started birds for early release, 10 weeks old and up, starting in August on through October. Mature birds are sold from September until sold out, we’re usually sold out around the end of March. No started birds will be sold after October, only mature birds.

Now offering the best of both worlds: flight and weather conditioned Bobwhite quail from a black-out house. In the summer of 2005, sprinkler systems were installed inside our black-out houses. The sprinklers work off of timers so that the sprinklers will come on at the same time every day. The birds’ oil glands are activated and they are flying great on those soaking heavy dew mornings and those lightly drizzling days. So now DGF has beautiful, full-feathered Bobwhite Quail that are weather conditioned!

Quail Eggs
1,000 min 37¢ each
1,001 – 3,000 32¢ each
3,001 & up 27¢ each


Quail Chicks
1,000 min 75¢ each
1,001 – 3,000 65¢ each
3,001 & up 52¢ each


Mature Quail (17 weeks old and up)

Sept- Dec                          $6.00 each

Jan-Mar                            $7.00 each